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Raphaël Terrettaz r.terrettaz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 21:59:24 CEST 2021

*English text below (Google translate)*


Merci pour cette proposition ! Je carthographie le réseau pédestre depuis
plusieurs années et je suis convaicu de l'intérêt d'avoir ces données dans
OpenStreetMap !

Dans ma région j'ai carthographié les chemins pédestres d'une autre façon
encore. Comme je sais que les chemins sont entretenus par les communes,
j'ai créé une relation par commune. Cette relation regroupe tous les
chemins de cette commune, ceci afin de ne pas avoir trop de relations, ou
des chemins qui sont dans plusieurs relations.

Par exemple pour la commune d'Orsières :

Ou celle de Sembrancher :

J'espère que ce commentaire pourra vous être utile !

Meilleures salutations
Raphaël Terrettaz



Thank you for this proposal! I have been mapping the hiking network for
several years and I am convinced of the interest of having this data in

In my region I have mapped the hiking trails in another way. As I know that
the paths are maintained by the municipalities, I created a relationship
per municipality. This relation regroups all the paths of this
municipality, in order to have a reduced number of relations, or paths in
several relations.

For example for Orsières:

Or for Sembrancher:

Hope this comment can be useful to you!

Best regards
Raphaël Terrettaz

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Le dim. 19 sept. 2021 à 15:02, René Buffat <buffat at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Dear All
> Since after the online meeting a while ago I tried to formulate a draft
> based on the discussions on the mailing list / the meeting. Due to lack of
> time and energy, this took unfortunately a lot longer than I initially
> thought.
> The current draft can be found here
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RIn4vOpPggEzJOv9AMl1egxzeMLpkgxF0q8nWuFhUaE/edit?usp=sharing
> Unfortunately, I can't send the PDF version (for people that do not want
> to access a google server) to the mailing list, as it is too big. But I'm
> open to suggestions for alternatives.
> If you like, please create comments directly in the document or reply to
> this email when you have feedback. The idea would be to collect all
> discussion points at the bottom of the document and mark the discussed
> parts of the document with comments.
> When writing the draft, I had the following thoughts:
>    -  It would be could to include some background information about the
>    Swiss hiking network as this could give some context for the rest of the
>    document and might facilitate discussions about the topic.
>    - There are different opinions on what level of detail the hiking
>    network should be mapped. It is thus important to clearly state a minimal
>    goal but also allow some flexibility.
>    - Changes to the wiki page should not contradict existing mapped
>    relations, except there are good reasons for it (such as e.g. the issue
>    with using name tags for relations that clash with nominatim)
>    - Figures are sometimes better to explain things than text.
>    - For some regions, open datasets exist that contain the hiking
>    network but no information about guideposts. These datasets should be
>    usable.
> lg rene
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