[talk-ch] Confine nazionale impreciso sul Monte Generoso / Ungenaue Landesgrenze auf dem Monte Generoso

Sascha Brawer sascha at brawer.ch
Tue Sep 14 07:07:17 CEST 2021

To resolve this, you could look at the legal documents that define the

To find them, one source is the International Boundary Study on the
Swiss/Italian border
<https://fall.fsulawrc.com/collection/LimitsinSeas/IBS012.pdf>, which
the US State Department published as part of a global series
<https://fall.fsulawrc.com/collection/LimitsinSeas/numericalibs.html> in
1961. A better (more up-to-date and actually authoritative) source is
fedlex.admin.ch, specifically SR 0.132
<https://www.fedlex.admin.ch/de/cc/international-law/0.13#0.132> which
lists Switzerland’s international boundary treaties currently in force.

For example, SR 0.132.454.221
<https://www.fedlex.admin.ch/eli/cc/1976/2029_2029_2029/de> is a treaty
from 1976 where Switzerland and Italy agreed to modify their border along
river Breggia. (Minor detail: Actually, this linked document is merely an
informative, non-binding translation to German. For this particular treaty,
the authoritative version is the Italian text; for every Swiss law, the SR
page indicates which language version is authoritative). Unfortunately, the
computer system for the “Sammlung der Räte” (SR) can’t publish graphics
yet, only text. To see the map, you need to head over to the Swiss Federal
Archives and retrieve the corresponding file in the “Amtliche Sammlung”
(AS). [In computing terms, AS is basically a collection of changes to Swiss
federal law, and SR is the current head revision of the main branch]. In
German, the ID of the “changeset” starts with the letters “AS” (“RO” in
French, “RU” in Italian), and this “changeset” is linked from the infobox
in the SR page. In the example of River breggia, this is AS 1976 2029
<https://www.fedlex.admin.ch/eli/oc/1976/2029_2029_2029/de>, which links to
a search page, ultimately (after some clicks) leading to this scanned map

Italy surely has a similar system for its legal documents, and in case of
uncertainties, it would certainly make sense to look at both versions.

If anyone wants to spend time researching all this, it might be good to add
it to the Wikipedia page on the Italy-Switzerland border
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italy%E2%80%93Switzerland_border> so it’s
easier to find for others. The German version already has a section
for the legal
but it seems to be quite incomplete.

— Sascha
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