[talk-ch] cyclestreet vs. bicyle_road

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 22:43:27 CEST 2021

For Belgium the exact rules are

- maxspeed 30 km/h
- motorized vehicles are not allowed to overtake cyclist.
- the normal priority rules still hold, this means cyclists do have to give
priority to traffic from the right



On Mon, Sep 6, 2021 at 10:38 AM Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:

> Since the beginning of this year Switzerland so called "Velostrassen"
> are a thing, these are simply streets in 30km/h zones with priority for
> bicycles instead of the right before left regime in such zones.
> This is at least similar to the situation in Belgium (legally) and some
> other countries (informally) where similar concepts exist, in BE, NL and
> so on such streets are tagged with cyclestreet=yes.
> This is however different to the German concept of "Fahrradstrassen"
> which are wider bicycle paths on which pedestrian use is allowed and you
> have to ride on the right (with other words essentially a normal
> "Veloweg" in Switzerland). "Fahrradstrassen" are tagged with
> bicycle_road=yes and IMHO that should always be on a highway=cycleway.
> I would suggest that in Switzerland we should use cyclestreet=yes as
> this models the legal situation here better than the German
> bicycle_road=yes and would document that in the wiki in the appropriate
> places if there is no big protest.
> Further I've noticed that there is small number of uses of bicycle_road
> in Switzerland
> (
> http://overpass-turbo.osm.ch/?q=LyoKVGhpcyBoYcSGYmVlbiBnxI1lcmF0ZWQgYnkgdGhlIG92xJJwxIlzLXR1cmJvIHdpemFyZC7EgsSdxJ9yaWdpbmFsIHNlxLBjaMSsxIk6CsOiwoDCnGJpY3ljbGVfcm9hZD0qIMS6IFPErXR6xJJsYW5kxYjCnQoqLwpbb3V0Ompzb25dW3RpbWXFrMWuMjVdOwovLyBmZXTFgiDEsMWAIMWIwpzFnGnFnsWgxaLFpMKAwp3Em8SrxL_FgcWDxLoKe3vEkG9jb2RlQXLFgDrGjsaQcsWhxaN9fS0-LsaYcsWCxqXFgMW_xoHEj8SUxJ1yIMamc3VsdHMKKAogIMa5cXXEksSaxKNydMaDb3I6xovFicWLxY3Fj8WRxZPFlcWXxaXHhyBuxqJlWyLHmMWOxZDFksWUZCJdKMaJYcayxYDGtGjGtmEpxb_HiHdhecelx6fHmseqxZXHrcevxqbHscazxrXIhce4x6DGpsWhxbbFsse-xYzHqMebx6vIg8ewx7LGmce2yIrIisa5cMS3bseRxr_HgceDCsW6xJjGonnFvz7Fv8ilc2tlxL1xdDs&c=BMv3wQkgfI&R)
> that I suspect are either actually a Velostrasse or are mistagged due to
> an issue with the JOSM preset for bicycle road that might have been used
> outside of DE. These should naturally be checked and changed to
> cyclestreet=yes if we have a consensus on the matter.
> Simon
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