[talk-ch] Is it possible to adapt the "to" member of a "destination_sign" tag?

Raphaël Terrettaz r.terrettaz at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 15:39:03 CET 2021


As I read in the Wiki, the "to" member of a "destination_sign" tag can
contain a way or a node.

In my current review of hiking trails, I would like to put a relation
inside. Here is a real example :

I've created a hiking route between 2 guideposts :


I've also created a destination_sign to indicate the destination and time.
I use the first point of the way to indicate the "to" :


When I display the map, I can only seen 2 circles. That will not really
help users. In the destination_sign I could indicate the first way, it will
be little more explicit. But if I could enter the relation to the
destination in the "to", there would be a great gain of information.

Do you know why the "to" member is not accepting a relation ? Is it
possible to change it ?

Thank you

Raphael Terrettaz
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