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mr.funky at gmx.de mr.funky at gmx.de
Mon Apr 12 20:35:27 CEST 2021

Hello Habi and Michael,

yesterday I wrote an email to the Geoinformationszentrum of Lucerne and
got already an answer.
In general they are very pleased, if OSM would use the data but since
this is the first time, they release it in that way, they have no
further experience of how to handle the license issues.

Here is the summary

  * The license requires attribution according to the terms of use of
  * They are aware of, that OSM cannot use the license in that way
  * Since they want to treat each user of the data equal, right now they
    don't like to give OSM a waiver
  * But they are exchanging experiences with other cantons and city
    governments and consider, e.g. to publish some of the data without
    any attribution license, to solve such cases like OSM

Habi, can I refer your experiences and also the Github Link to the
contact person in Lucerne? This might speed up the process.


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