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Sat Apr 10 21:09:31 CEST 2021

Hi Gunnar

The license requires attribution, so we would need a waiver for the use
in OpenStreetMap. If someone is interested in using the data, someone
could ask them.


On 07.04.21 22:28, mr.funky at gmx.de wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> just saw by accident, that recently the city government of
> Lucerne/Luzern began to publish several data on opendata.swiss. The
> first 42 files are related to geography and contain bunches of detail
> data like the position of recycling stations, kindergartens or parks etc.
> Eventhough, there is a lot of this already mapped, I can assume that the
> additional data might be very useful to fill the missing attributes of
> all the objects and enrich them with more and deeper information.
> Me personally, I just map but have no clue about imports, the whole
> license stuff (what is allowed, what not, ...) etc. but hope, that the
> community with some more experienced persons may know what to do with
> this open data.
> Here is the link:
> https://opendata.swiss/de/organization/stadt-luzern
> Cheers,
> Gunnar
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