[talk-ch] Updates to QA sites http://qa.poole.ch/addresses/ch/ and https://qa.poole.ch/ch-roads/

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Fri Apr 2 09:23:56 CEST 2021

I've updated the underlying data for both sites to data current as of 
March 2021.

I originally intended to migrate to the "official" street list from 
swisstopo for the road names comparison in the hope that the data would 
be more consistent than the, now no longer officially published, street 
list generated directly from the GWR by the BfS. As we don't actually 
use the data directly this would have been possible even given the 
current difficulties with the swisstopo terms of use.

Unluckily the list is missing important information, for example the 
language the street name in the list is in (this is important in real 
bilingual areas and it is somewhat amazing that this was left out, but 
there are a number of other very weird design choices wrt the 
information included in the list that I hope will be revisited down the 
road). As a result I still need to rely on some heuristics to determine 
object type (street, point, area) and if the road is actually used in 
the GWR, see my mail here back in 2019 on this.

All that said, there are 9'000 new objects in the data since the last 
data update, so it is well worth checking your area of interest. Of the 
140'162 roads we are currently matching 125'570 though this doesn't take 
minor spelling differences in to account (for example that Geneva 
decided to change capitalisation of the names in the list a couple of 
years back) and should be taken as a lower bound. On how to deal with 
such differences see 

The address data extracts on http://qa.poole.ch/addresses/ch/ continue 
to be generated from GWR data. However I've addressed an old issue: the 
geojson and OSM files now use "addr:place" for the street-level object 
if that can be determined from the street list.


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