[talk-ch] footway:sidewalk, highway:footway oder besser sidewalk:* ?

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Thu May 23 19:47:33 CEST 2019


Le 11.05.19 à 16:26, Andreas Bürki a écrit :
> sollte man auch an visuell Beeinträchtigte denken. 
> Ohne von der Strasse separat gemapptes Trottoir
> dürften sie einige Probleme haben.

I am part of a thinking tank on osm and disabilities (cartomobilité
in french). the separate sidewalks in osm when they are actually 
connected are much more problematic at the moment than the accuracy 
gains lower than the accuracy of a gps.

with only one way that represents all lanes (pedestrian bike car),
you know exactly where the person is. you can add the width of lanes
if you want, the accuracy in the end is higher than any enduser gps.

and much more important you know precisely the difference between :
- this street does not have a pedestrian crossing with zebra or traffic 
light within X meters, despite a large penalty in the routing algorithm, 
it will be necessary to cross outside a pedestrian crossing
you know that it is physically possible to cross since the schema says 
that the sidewalks are adjacent to the road
- the street and sidewalk do not touch each other, so in addition to 
crossing the road, there may be grass or hedges or an not-mapped barrier 
between the street and the sidewalk, so the penalty must be even greater 
to penalize uncertainty.

there are 2 proposals to divide the ways into lanes while being able
to indicate if lanes are touching or not, but for the moment nobody is 
working on them and I don't know any routing software that uses them.

so please, do not divide a way into way by lanes when these lanes touch, 
even if it is the sidewalk.

if you want to increase the usability of osm for disabilities,
the most useful one at the moment imho :
- provide information on pedestrian crossings:
1/2 has no information on whether or not a traffic light is present
90% has no info on the tactile paving
99% have no information on kerb nor wheelchair accessibility
- add entrances of public accessible buildings :
step_count or highway=steps at the entrance
connect them to the public network


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