[talk-ch] OSM instructions for adding a fountain - request for comments

European Water Project europeanwaterproject at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 09:24:57 CET 2019


We have recently created a small Geneva based NGO called European Water
Project. Our project is 100% collaborative and 100% open data with the goal
of helping empower individuals to reduce single use waste in their lives.
We have written a set of instructions for adding new water fountains to OSM
and adding photos to existing water fountains in OSM :

I would greatly appreciate constructive comments from this group on how to
improve these instructions which have been written for a diverse audience -
especially before we start translating them in to other languages. You can
either respond to this chain or email me directly at
stuart at europeanwaterproject.org

Our NGO is developing a Progressive Web Application to allow individuals to
find nearby locations where they can refill their sustainable water bottle
for free anywhere in Europe.
The first phase is focused on water fountains but we hope to help
collaboratively create a network of cafes and restaurants which are willing
to allow individuals to fill up their water bottle for free and avoid
single use waste.

The beta version of our PWA application 100% powered by OSM and wikidata is
available at https://europeanwaterproject.org

Best regards,

Stuart Rapoport
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