[talk-ch] Addresses "Bergpreis" reached

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Nov 19 12:22:31 CET 2018

Some time yesterday we went past the halfway mark of addresses in
Switzerland, see http://qa.poole.ch/addresses/ch/

Naturally the halfway aspect is a bit fuzzy due to inconsistencies in
the GWR dataset and grey areas around what is an address in the first
place. Still the GWR is the only national dataset we have access to, so 
we might as well celebrate this mark.

Most of the increase in the last year has been due to work on the
address import in the canton Berne and to the work of our contributors
there, in particular biobuur, Roman and Kurly. We're roughly at the 75%
mark there with 300'000 of 400'000 addresses done (again with some

Once the Berne import is complete I want to review the other available
cantonal datasets (which tend to be better than the GWR data) and
perhaps initiate another systematic import where it makes sense.  


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