[talk-ch] General problem with talk-ch Digest

Marius Rieder marius.rieder at durchmesser.ch
Tue Jun 24 17:42:29 CEST 2014

Hi Rolf,

On 23.06.2014 10:56, Rolf Hotz wrote:
> Because this is a fault I have very,very rarely and always with mails
> from the same few senders, I do no longer wish to search the error on my
> installation and mention it here: Some un-English characters come
> distorted, i.e. " 2. Re: Z?rich HB: Velostation S?d (Andreas B?rki) "
> (here transcripted with an actual question mark)

This is probably as for digest all mail ar put in one mail with a
"common" encoding, probably ascii. It could help switch the digest from
plain to mime for your subscription? This way each e-mail, even
concatenated in a digest, gets it's own encoding header.

If you have problem switching this just contact me directly so I can
land you a hand.

 - Marius

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