[talk-ch] All those signposted routes

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Thu Oct 13 17:58:05 CEST 2011


after some more tweaking of the server, I am now able to offer maps
for all waymarked routes in Switzerland (well, apart from the canoe
routes. Are they even signposted?). You'll find them here:

Hiking:          http://hiking.lonvia.de
Bicycle:         http://cycling.lonvia.de
Mountain-biking: http://mtb.lonvia.de
Inline skating:  http://skating.lonvia.de

As usual, all maps are overlays for the standard Mapnik map
and are updated once daily. (MTB and inline skating are still
in beta-testing state, so please tell me, if something doesn't

The tagging for the first three kinds of routes should be quite
clear. Use route=hiking/bicycle/mtb and the usual tags for the
Swiss Mobile Network (see also OSM Wiki).

Inline skating, however, is another matter. There are only about
a dozen relations world-wide in the database and every mapper
managed to come up with a different route tag. In Switzerland,
the inline skating route are still tagged with route=bicycle
(for the renderer, I was told).

So, basically, we can invent a shiny new value for route, if we
want. For the moment, I have decided to go with route=inline_skates 
because it is used most (well, 4 times). Would that be ok?

If there are no objections or other suggestions, I would change
the route tag of the existing routes and also remove the 'IS'
from the ref, as this was only used to distinguish them from
cycle routes.



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