[talk-ch] Bing aerial imagery on Walking Papers

Roman Fischer romanf at trash.net
Thu Mar 3 09:46:09 CET 2011


Microsoft has "donated" the bing images to OSM. We can officially use  
Bing images to draw and improve OSM. :)


Quoting Stéphane Dewarrat <s.dewarrat at cvra.ch>:

> Hello!
> I've that on Walking Papers we can "print" a map with 'bing aerial imagery',
> you scan it and can edit directly with osm/potlatch.
> Is it legal?
> I didn't find any legal information about these aerial images.
> Example:
> http://walking-papers.org/print.php?id=rx9v5vqb
> this is in preparation for Rencontre Vaudoise du 5.3.11 :
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/RencontreVaudoise20110305
> Best regards
> Stéphane

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